ONS has become much more than the main biennial event. On a running basis the network and our partners benefit and harvest from a vast offering of meetings, seminar and activities.  As a ONS Partner you contribute and participate in running activities of network meetings, seminars, promotional activities and online content such as podcasts, interviews and company promotion through social media over a two-year cycle.

ONS is partnering with selected companies and organisations to further strengthen and exchange of ideas, learning and build relationship between industry, government and society to facilitate progress for the global energy industry. Exhibitors and sponsors are invited to take part in the partner programme and receive rights in accordance with their engagement with ONS

Partner possibilities

There are different ways to becoming a ONS Partner. 

Meeting place

Special network meetings on specific
issues concerning the energy industry throughout the two-year cycle.

Hosted by ONS or in partnership.


ONS Partners get access to the ONS network, creating co-hosted sessions with renowned institutions and meeting places around the world. Either through closed energy discussion sessions or open forums.


Place your company in a vast offering of energy content. Podcasts, articles, blogs and videos with insight from renowned partners, institutions and guest writers.
Interviews, special sessions, debates, and online conferences with some of the world’s leading minds.
We call it Energy Talks