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My agenda

Australia-Malaysia market session

Australia-Malaysia market session

Tue 30 Aug :




International Markets

Lysefjorden A

12:30: Registration & Coffee

13:00: Malaysia Introduction - Per Hagen, Regional Director, Norwegian Energy Partners

13:10: Malaysian Upstream Activities - Mr Chen Kah Seong, Vice President, Center of Excellence, Upstream PETRONAS

13:40: Australia Introduction - Tore Moe, Regional Director, Norwegian Energy Partners

13:50: Australia Opening - Kerin Ayyalaraju, Ambassador to Norway, Australian Embassy

14:00: WA Energy Sector Overview - Rebecca Brown, Director General, West Australian Government, Dep of JTSI

14:15: BREAK

14:35: Projects and Technology Focus - TBA, Woodside Energy

15:05: Australian Decommissioning Landscape, Francis Norman, Managing Director, Center Of Decommissioning Australia (CODA)

15:25: Australia energy market update - Tore Moe, Regional Director, Norwegian Energy Partners

15:40: Australia Panel Q&A, ALL Australia

16:05: CLOSE

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