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Help Repsol trough the technology to achieve Net Zero commitment is my mantra. I have been working in Repsol since 2010, with many years of experience in the energy sector and in all the technologies related with the Energy Transition.

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2022-08-31: 13:00:00

From Start-up to Gorilla. How today’s start-ups can become tomorrow’s most impactful companies

In this session we will discuss different aspects of what it takes to grow a Start-up to be a company that shape our society and energy future - whether you call it Impact Unicorn, Venture Polar bear or Gorilla. The panel brings a wide variety of experience and will tell us what characterize companies that succeed, walk us though the important funding journey and how investors contribute, and give us examples of impactful companies that have made this successful journey. We will meet a company that aim to revolutionize production of hydrogen, and hear how they collaborate with large industry partners in their scaling journey. We welcome entrepreneurs, investors and tech enthusiasts to get energized in this exciting session.