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Svensk Solenergi

Contact: +460768184915



CEO Swedish Solar Energy Association since October 2019. 2015-2019 with the Swedish House Owners' Association. 2007-2015 technical consultant at ÅF Infrastructure (today AFRY).

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2022-08-30: 09:45:00

Solar Energy - relevant for Norway and the Nordics?

In this session we want to highlight the potential and role of Solar Energy as part of the energy mix in the Nordic countries. How can we make people “Trust” in Solar in Norway/Nordics? We will showcase Solar Energy projects in the Nordics: Offgrid and Micro grid solution, buildings with integrated solar energy etc. How to achieve coexistence and public acceptance? We will show benefits of how solar and agriculture can work together. Regarding government/ policy: How can we work with governments to reach the goals (or further). We will focus on incentives and on the regulatory side of solar energy. What are the regulatory issues solar energy is facing in the Nordics?