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Federal Association of Wind Farm Operators Offshore



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2022-08-30: 10:00:00

Offshore Wind: European ambitions and market

In this session we aim to present Europe’s ambitions for offshore wind to 2030 and 2050. We will be joined by senior representatives from Government and industry from the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, and Poland to discuss the potential and challenges of their respective markets. And the key enablers for the accelerated deployment of offshore wind to help meet Europe’s energy security and decarbonization objectives.

2022-08-31: 10:00:00

Offshore Wind: A North Sea grid

The development of a North Sea grid is a prerequisite for developing large-scale Offshore Wind in Europe. This session will focus on the need for co-operation between generators, grid operators and public authorities, technical compatibility and cooperation across borders on regulatory and policy frameworks in order to create a North Sea Grid fit for offshore energy activities in the future. We have invited European TSOs to present and discuss their projects and perspectives.