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My agenda

Debatt (ENG): The secret to successful B2B innovation - Av EGGS Design

Debatt (ENG): The secret to successful B2B innovation - Av EGGS Design

Tue 30 Aug :





Gnu Bar, Strandkaien, Downtown Stavanger

Welcome to an evening with EGGS Design!

Design-driven innovation helps multi-disciplinary teams unleash their creative potential, all while turning strategic ambition into commercial, sustainable, and desirable products and services. How do you do this in a B2B context?

At this event, Paal Holter, CXO of EGGS Design, will share his experience working with design-driven innovation in heavy industries and with professional users. You will also get insight into concrete and inspirational examples of successful innovation projects and processes from the energy industry.
Finally, we will finish off with an informal panel discussion where we look forward to a dialogue with you in the audience about innovation in the energy sector.

Paal is one of Norway’s most experienced designers for digital systems. He is a future thinker and design thinker, and you can often find him poking both clients and collegues with new perspectives on design-driven innovation; “Unleash the potential value by making systems and interfaces smarter, more efficient, more unified and people friendly. A holistic approach to merge available tech and data with business- and user goals - simply makes sense”!