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What are the technologies that will make us leapfrog into the future?
To really explore the potential in the energy system, and to do it all without increasing emissions? 

Video highlights from the ONS Conference

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What is the future of gas? Will we be able to keep the temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees? Is Asia the new heart of global energy? These questions and many more are raised to the top of the agenda in the brand new ONS Energy Agenda report.
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The Energy security power contest - from the ONS Conference

In the following months we will be releasing podcasts and videos with the highlights from the ONS Conference and ONS Centre Court.


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Climate - the next battleground will be in the courts.

What happens when climate activism is becoming a new normal, and protesters are tired of not being heard?

Sophisticated methods of sounding the alarm and pushing for change are appearing, and new tools such as finance and the law are being explored in full. But what happens when the battlefield moves into the courtroom? Hear Nick Butler, energy economist and visiting professor at Kings College, shares his insight. 

Nick Butler

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