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How is the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupting the European energy markets and what can we expect in the coming years as a result? Can we reach our climate goals and also have energy security? Will the energy transition stagnate in a European energy market in crisis? What will this mean in a global scale?

This and much more is discussed in the highly relevant ONS Conference session with Meghan L. O´Sullivan, Jason Bordoff and Narendra Taneja. See the video below or download the panel discussion as a podcast!

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What is the future of gas? Will we be able to keep the temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees? Is Asia the new heart of global energy? These questions and many more are raised to the top of the agenda in the brand new ONS Energy Agenda report.
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The Energy security power contest - from the ONS Conference

In the following months we will be releasing podcasts and videos with the highlights from the ONS Conference and ONS Centre Court.


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